The Asian Games, the best sports festival in Asia, is a stage where you can enjoy exotic sports that may be unfamiliar to you.

The 19th Hangzhou Asian Games will feature 40 events and 61 detailed events, but there are many events that cannot be seen in the Olympics.

E-Sports, which was adopted as an official event for the first time in this event, is a representative example. E-Sports, which was operated as a demonstration event at the Jakarta and Palembang Games five years ago, has risen to the official level thanks to the popularity of young fans.

Breaking was also adopted as an official event for the first time amid the interest of young fans. Breaking was also included in the official event of the 2024 Paris Olympics, and in this event, one gold medal is at stake for each male and female individual event.

In the men’s division, expectations are high for Kim Hun-woo, the male winner of the 2023 World Dance Sports Federation (WDSF) Asian Breaking Championships held in Hangzhou last month, and Jeon Ji-ye, the bronze medalist in the same event in the women’s division.

It is also noteworthy that baduk, which disappeared after the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, has been revived as an official sport after 13 years. Baduk is a sub-event of the board game, and there are three gold medals at stake, including men’s and women’s team events and men’s individual events. Shin Jin-seo, 9 dan, Park Jeong-hwan, 9 dan, and Choi Jeong, 9 dan, aim to sweep all three events.메이저사이트

Contract bridge, chess, and Xiangqi, which have not been widely recognized as gambling in Korea, are the remaining sub-games of board games that are attracting attention in the Asian Games. In the 2018 competition, an 81-year-old grandmother from Malaysia participated in the bridge event, drawing attention.

There are also exotic events in the Asian Games that are now familiar. Kabaddi, a combination of tag and martial arts, draws a line in the middle of a 12.5m wide and 6.25m long court, and scores points when the attacker goes over to the opponent’s court while holding his breath, touches the opponent’s defender’s body, and returns to his own camp. It’s a recognized match. It was introduced as an official sport for the first time at the Beijing Games in 1990, and now boasts a 33-year history.

Sepak takraw, also nicknamed ‘foot volleyball’, was also named as an official sport of this tournament without fail.

Cricket, which is popular mainly in Commonwealth countries, has also been revived as an official sport in five years. Cricket is also being discussed as an official event for the 2028 LA Olympics.

It is regrettable that bowling, which Korea was strong enough to win two gold medals at the Jakarta and Palembang Games, was not included in the official event.

In addition, martial arts such as Wushu, Jiu-Jitsu, and Kurash are also loved as official events in the Asian Games.