Noh Seung-hee (22) aims to become Cinderella with an unwavering attitude.

Noh Seung-hee reduced 3 strokes in the second round of the 12th KG Ladies Open on the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour held at Sunning Point Country Club (par 72) in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 2nd, with a median total of 10 under par 134 strokes as of 7:06 p.m. He tied for second place with Hwang Yu-min (20). She is one stroke behind leader Seo Yeon-jeong (28), who is at 11 under par.

The day before, Noh Seung-hee finished the first round as the sole leader with 7 under par 65 strokes, including 8 birdies. The second round also started 1 hour and 20 minutes late due to fog, and Noh Seung-hee teed off at 1:45 p.m.

Noh Seung-hee, who made birdies with tremendous momentum in the first round, started off rather quietly. She was unable to reduce her strokes in the first six holes. Noh Seung-hee, who caught her first birdie at the par 3 16th hole, later added two birdies to reduce the score by 3 strokes.

Noh Seung-hee, who finished the second round, said, “I made a few mistakes with my tee shot and shot in the beginning,” but he looked back and said, “I think I finished well without giving up.” He went through six holes without a birdie, but it had no impact. He said, “I wasn’t anxious because I couldn’t reduce the number of strokes,” and “I just focused on getting my shots at the original pace.”

Noh Seung-hee, who was the sole leader in the first round, gave up the top spot on the leaderboard to Seo Yeon-jeong, who lost a whopping 9 strokes in the morning group. In addition to Seo Yeon-jeong, the pursuit of other players was fierce.

Noh Seung-hee, who said that she started the round after checking the results of the morning group, laughed and said, “I expected many players to reduce the number of strokes,” and added, “I saw that (Seo) Yeon-jeong finished the game, so I thought I should play hard.”

Noh Seung-hee, who showed explosive performance in the first round, quietly reduced the number of strokes in the second round. He explained, “I tried to make par as much as possible in a crisis situation, and even in a situation where I could have easily made par, the short putt went in without a mistake,” and “I think it was good to create an opportunity in a hole where I could make a short hit and connect with a birdie.” .

The day before, Noh Seung-hee chose putting as the secret to her good performance. He said, “I had a chance to make birdies today, but it’s a shame I couldn’t catch them all,” but he showed a resolute attitude, saying, “As I couldn’t make it today, won’t I be able to get it all in tomorrow?”메이저사이트

As Noh Seung-hee said, it was disappointing that he recorded par in the last three holes. All birdie opportunities were missed by just one point. Noh Seung-hee said, “I thought at least one person would get in, but I’m disappointed that I didn’t get in.” He added, “Well, I’ll probably get in tomorrow,” revealing the strong spirit hidden behind a smile.

In order for Noh Seung-hee to stand at the top of the KG Ladies Open, she must overcome Seo Yeon-jeong, who is also a member of the Yojin Construction Women’s Golf Team. Depending on the results of the second round, there is a high possibility that they will tee off together in the champion group. Coincidentally, both players, who have never won a championship, will challenge to reach the top of the KG Ladies Open, also known as the ‘Cinderella gateway’.

Seung-hee Noh said, “If I can play with my sister from the same team, I think I will be able to play comfortably with less tension. Also, I don’t tend to be very conscious of my opponent, so I think I will have fun playing.”

Finally, Noh Seung-hee said, “I don’t think you can win just because you want to. Of course, I will aim to win, but I think I will get good results if I pay a little more attention to my putting like I did over the two days.”