“I am confident that the Dodgers have secured more than $500 million in salary flexibility for Ohtani.”

As Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) declared that he would be out for the pitcher season due to a ulnar collateral ligament injury in his left elbow, American media outlets predicted that his value would be reduced in the 2023-2024 free agent market. In fact, there was an analysis that the starting price for Otani’s recruitment was at least $500 million, and that it would range from $600 million to $700 million. However, after his elbow injury, the $600-$700 million talk was forgotten.

But things changed a bit after that. Otani Agency stated that although it is true that elbow surgery is inevitable, it is different from the area that had surgery in 2018. He specifically said that he may not undergo Tommy John surgery. And Ohtani confirmed that he will not give up dual sword fighting due to this injury.

In any case, it is almost certain that he will not return as a pitcher in 2024. In the end, what I’m most curious about is the LA Dodgers’ stance. Other western teams are mentioned one after another, but the general consensus is that it is highly likely that Ohtani will wear the Dodgers uniform.메이저사이트

The Dodgers’ love for Ohtani is special. In addition to participating in the 2017-2018 U.S.-Japan posting, an anecdote was also introduced about Otani preparing for an international amateur contract by watching him since his high school days before joining the Nippon Ham Fighters of the Japanese professional baseball team. Therefore, it is expected that the Dodgers will make a real comeback this fall.

Fansideid emphasized on the 7th (Korean time) that the Dodgers’ love for Ohtani remains unchanged despite Ohtani’s elbow injury. “This will be Ohtani’s winter, something the Dodgers have coveted for a long time. “We are confident that we have secured over $500 million in salary flexibility for Ohtani,” he said.

The Dodgers predict that Ohtani will play dual-wielding again in 2025. Fan Sided said, “Ohtani is arguably the best hitter in the major leagues, and he will return as a pitcher in 2025. “I expect President Andrew Friedman, Director Dave Roberts, and the entire organization to continue their all-out pursuit of Ohtani,” he said.

However, Fanside predicted that since it is certain that Ohtani will not be able to play as a pitcher in the 2024 season, the Dodgers will further strengthen the starting lineup. Even if Ohtani is not a variable, the Dodgers need a starting pitcher. It is difficult to go any further with Julio Urias, who has a domestic violence issue, and Clayton Kershaw is also becoming a free agent. Moreover, there are quite a few high-quality starting pitchers in the free agent market this winter. In any case, the fact that this winter’s main character is Otani doesn’t seem to change.