There is no time to be bored around national soccer team coach Jürgen Klinsmann (Germany). All kinds of strange incidents are happening repeatedly. The European away series in September is no exception. The grades are not good, but unnecessary controversies continue to arise.

Despite mobilizing most of the overseas players, ‘Klinsmann’, who drew 0-0 in the away game in Wales on the 8th (Korean time), has recorded no wins (3 draws, 2 losses) in 5 consecutive A matches since its launch in March. This is the record for the most wins by a foreign manager in history.

But there is no shame. Coach Klinsmann, who summed up the poor performance of only one effective shot with the expression “still in process,” continued his eccentricity in England. He was invited to the legendary match between Chelsea (England) and Bayern Munich (Germany) held at Stamford Bridge in London on the 10th to commemorate Gianluca Vialli (Italy), who passed away last year.

Public opinion boiled over when Coach Klinsmann was included in the invitation list for the tournament released by Chelsea. In a situation where the national team’s image is bad due to a stay abroad that broke the promise to stay in the country, an unreasonable work style, and a series of poor performances, the unprecedented situation where the national team coach is absent for personal reasons is like pouring fuel on the fire.

Director Klinsmann stayed where he was, but the aftertaste is bitter. After the news first broke, the Korea Football Association said, “We were invited, but Coach Klinsmann declined,” but it is rumored that the actual atmosphere was different. It is said that Coach Klinsmann never declined Chelsea’s invitation, but rather did not understand the association’s request not to participate. If it is true, the association is lying to the fans.메이저사이트

Unconfirmed rumors also appeared. There is a reasonable suspicion that the reason the national team, ahead of the Saudi Arabian friendly match to be held in Newcastle on the 13th, remained in London until the weekend was because of Coach Klinsmann’s personal schedule. There is nothing to feel unfair about. Looking at his past actions, it is easy to be misunderstood.

Coach Klinsmann also produced an interesting(?) scene on the day of the Wales game. A report emerged from the British public broadcaster BBC that, due to an overflow of denials, he took the uniform of Welshman Aaron Ramsey as a gift for his son (Jonathan Klinsmann), who plays for LA Galaxy in the US Major League Soccer (MLS). It is not common for a father coach to personally wear the opposing ace’s uniform.

While Korean soccer was in disgrace, Japan won 4-1 with a fantastic performance in the away game against Germany on the 10th. Since the round of 16 of the Qatar World Cup last year, there can only be sighs filled with worry over the actions of completely different East Asian rivals.