Spanish powerhouse David Martinez (Crown Haitai) became the owner of the fourth trophy in his PBA career.

On the 11th, David Martinez defeated Yusuke Mori (Japan) with a set score of 4-3 (8-15, 15-3, 15-8, 9-15, 9) in the men’s final of the ‘SY PBA Championship’ held at KINTEX PBA Stadium in Goyang on the 11th. -15, 15-12, 11-0) and won the championship.

Martinez’s victory that day was a thrilling comeback. Mori overturned the first set and the critical 4th and 5th sets to win the championship prize of 100 million won. As a result, Martinez became the champion once again 10 months after winning the 4th Tour (Huons Championship) of the 22-23 season held in November of last year.

If Mori had won, the first Japanese champion for both men and women (LPBA – Ayako Sakai) in PBA history could have been born, but unfortunately, that record was postponed. However, Mori surpassed the previous best performance in the round of 32 (22-23 season) and took second place as the first Japanese professional in PBA history.

On this day, in the first set, Mori took the lead with 7 long hits in the beginning and took the lead. Mori got off to a good start, including two bank shots in the first inning. Mori won 15-8 after 4 innings.안전놀이터

In response, Martinez fought back by taking the second set 15-3, and immediately accumulated points one by one until the third set, taking the lead with a set score of 2-1.

But Mori did not back down either. Mori, who won the 4th set 15-9 in 8 innings and brought the game back to square one, swept 9 high runs in the first inning of the 5th set to widen the gap early and won 15-9 in 5 innings, with a set score of 3. With -2, there is one set left to win.

David Martinez (left) and Yusuke Mori, PBA in action

Martinez, who was quickly pushed into a corner, was at a 5-11 disadvantage before attacking in the 6th inning of the 6th set, but after that, he took advantage of Mori’s sluggish performance, which only scored 1 point in 4 innings, to score 3 points in the 8th inning and 5 high runs in the 10th inning. 15-12, and took the game to a full set.

Then, in the final 7th set, leaving Mori behind with a empty smile, he scored 7 high runs in the 4th inning, making it 11-0, confirming the championship.

Meanwhile, the professional billiards PBA, which completed its fourth tour of the season, will continue the third round of the ‘Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2023-24’ starting on the 14th.