This year is a difficult year for golf course management. There are many areas where fields are damaged due to frequent rain during the heat wave. In particular, you can see cases where there is no grass around the green. What should I do at this time? Today we will show you how to attack the green when there is no grass.

If the area around the green is close to bare ground, you should never hit a floating shot. It is also a good idea to choose a putter if the ball is around the green. In my case, I have a standard for holding a putter. First you need to check the distance. The distance between the ball and the green entrance should not be too far. After about one step, I always take out the putter. However, it is difficult to use a putter if you take more than three steps. If you’re a beginner, it’s not a bad idea to grab a 9 iron. Just roll it like putting.

Once you have a certain amount of pitching power, you will be able to hold the wedge even in places where there is no grass. Here again, club selection is important. If you have some distance, I recommend a pitching wedge or 52 degree. This is because you can move forward even if the contact is less precise than 58 degrees.

When making a running approach, place the ball in front of your right foot. When you hold the grip, your hand will naturally move forward of the head. Hands first. If you don’t do hand first when addressing, it has no meaning. Your hand position should be close to your left thigh to create a perfect hand first position.

Make your stance width narrower than usual. Even during the downswing process, it remains cocked. You must swing while maintaining your wrist angle. You must practice this to achieve accurate contact and distance. Also, when making an approach, you must not only use your hands, but also rotate your body naturally while striking. Sportainer, former champion with 14 wins in the Korea-Japan Tour온라인카지노