Rookies selected in last season’s KBL rookie draft and WKBL new player selection event are spending their first professional offseason. I spent time growing up to address my shortcomings, and sometimes went on outings to get some air in my nostrils. Their offseason is very different. I met them, heard about their precious day, and captured it in a photo diary. Like a teacher who stamps ‘Good job’ on the picture diaries of elementary school students during summer vacation, let’s examine their day.

※Please note that this article was published in the September issue of Jumpball, a basketball magazine.메이저사이트
went to Dallas, USA for skill training for four weeks last June. I was with (Heo) Woong, (Lee) Geun-hwi, and (Kim) Dong-hyeon. I learned a lot about basketball, but I also made a lot of fun memories. There was a swimming pool in front of the hotel, so I often went there for recovery training, and there were both young children and older people there. Among them, children playing with beach balls stood out. Geunhwi hyung probably wanted to be among the kids, saying, ‘Hey. He said, ‘Hey.’ We ended up playing together and were forced(?) to practice passing by making basketball triangle passes with a beach ball haha. We all had a swimming competition together. Donghyun was the referee, and the players were Woong, Geunhwi, and me. The destination wasn’t far, but Woong came in first place by a very narrow margin. Again, it’s a small difference haha. In fact, Geun-Hwi and I are just lazy Suyeong, and Woong is a decent(?) Suyeong. Well done.

The most memorable food in America is Texas barbecue. It’s a very famous restaurant, so there was a wait. The meat I was waiting for came out and it looked really delicious, but there was a twist. I took a bite, and it was the saltiest food I’ve ever eaten in my life. American food in general is salty, but this was my first time eating something this salty. It feels like my body is full of salt. A piece of meat and a sip of water were essential. In the end, I couldn’t eat it all lol.

One day in May, while I was resting after working out, Shinji (Hyun) approached me and asked me to eat with her. In fact, I was having a hard time with her sister because I was very shy. I thought this was a good opportunity to blow off that awkwardness! I was a little worried though haha. The menu was large and I ate a lot. Her older sister said it cost around 200,000 to 300,000 won. I’m usually a good eater, but my sister eats better than I expected. Where does it all go… . While eating, I talked a lot with my sister.

My sister’s car is a Benz, and I wanted one too, so I asked a lot about it. She also gave her sister advice that brought tears to her eyes. I had a hard time with an injury, and she was my older sister. She comforted me by telling me stories about when she was injured. She said, ‘Everyone has their own season,’ and she said, ‘I’m still a lot better than before, and I just need to keep doing this consistently in the future.’ These words were so comforting that I burst into tears. After we finished eating, we went to a cafe and took 4 pictures together! It was a bit awkward to take pictures, but it was really fun. Shinji is the best!