“You’ve been throwing so easily.”

KT Wiz, led by manager Lee Kang-cheol, won 4-3 at Doosan in Jamsil on April 4 to extend their winning streak to seven games and move into third place over Doosan. Park Young-hyun was the team’s fourth pitcher that day and pitched 1 1/3 scoreless innings to earn his second save of the season.

With reliever Jae-yoon Kim granted rest for back-to-back games against Suwon SSG on the 2nd and 3rd, Young-hyun Park also pitched three straight games despite being sidelined. Manager Lee Kang-cheol said, “Jae-yoon was off, and the day before, he said it was a little hard, so we decided to rest him yesterday. Young-hyun said he was fine, but I didn’t want to use him, but I couldn’t use him in that situation.”메이저사이트

In the bottom of the eighth, Son Dong-hyun got two outs and then made an error catching Cho Su-hyun’s bunt, and Kang Seung-ho walked to load the bases. The KT bench brought in Park Young-hyun a little early, and he gave up a single to Kim In-tae, but struck out Kim Jae-hwan to end the inning.

In the bottom of the ninth, with the score tied at 3-4 and one run, Park gave up a leadoff walk to Heo Kyung-min, but after a sacrifice bunt by Jung Soo-bin, he retired Kim Jae-ho and struck out Jang Seung-hyun after a high pitch from Yang Seok-hwan to preserve the win.

Manager Lee Kang-cheol, who took the mound himself after Young-hyun Park left the bases loaded, said, “What can I say, I told him to relax and throw as he pleases. Don’t give him a hit, don’t give him a walk. I tried to make him feel comfortable.”

Park currently leads the league in holds with 20, but it hasn’t been easy. His ERA in the second half of the season is 9.95. “I’ve been getting holds and saves lately, but I’ve been doing it too easily and it’s been hard in the second half. We need to experience how to overcome bad pitches. That’s how we can grow.”

“Maybe I can say that because we won, but we need to have that experience no matter what the result is,” Lee said. Jae Yoon-i also had more than 100 saves, but he struggled last year and the year before. I think he’s doing well this year because of that experience.” “Young-hyun can go the same way. There will be trials this year and next year, but if he can overcome them, he can become like his favorite Oh Seung-hwan.”