It’s like students on vacation. A day off can’t be so nice.

The Toronto Blue Jays ended their 17-game streak with a home game against the Chicago Cubs on the 14th (Korean time).

During this period, Toronto managed to maintain a 9-8, 50% win rate against the Angels (2-1), Baltimore (1-3), Boston (3-3), Cleveland (2-2), and Cubs (1-2). did.

A lot happened in between. The team’s leading hitter, Bo Bisset (knee) and closer Jordan Romano (back), left due to injury. In addition, outfielder Kevin Kiermeier (elbow) and right-hander bullpen Trevor Richards (neck) were also on the injured list.

In the starting rotation, Ryu Hyun-jin successfully returned, and Alec Manoa was demoted. Catcher Danny Jansen was repeatedly hit by sand dunes, but survived.

There were also minor injuries. Third baseman Matt Chapman was replaced due to a finger injury ahead of a home game against the Cubs on the 14th. It was later revealed that he was injured when he hit his finger on a dumbbell during weight training.

In an interview after the home game with the Cubs on the 14th, manager John Schneider said, “Looking back, I had a .500 win rate, but losing the best hitter was difficult. There were ups and downs. Still, he showed a steady appearance in pitching and defense. At this point, the 17th consecutive game is really difficult, but the players handled it well,” he said, looking back on the 17th.

Toronto, which has endured a difficult 17-game series with a 50% win rate, is now enjoying a relatively relaxed schedule. There are rest days before and after the two-game series against the Philadelphia Phillies and the three-game series against the Cincinnati Reds.안전놀이터

It’s a really welcome day off for Toronto players. Outfielder Dalton Basho sighed, saying, “It was a really long 17-game series.”

For Toronto, this rest day will be more welcome as it’s a chance for the injured to regroup. “It’s going to be a very welcome break for a lot of players for a lot of different reasons,” Schneider said.

Chapman, who injured his finger, is expected to be able to play on Tuesday. Romano, who rejoined the team after rehab, is also likely to return in the next game. Kiermeier is likely to return from the weekend’s Cincinnati expedition.

Bisset is also taking a step towards his comeback. Schneider said that training on Monday (the 15th, Korean time), a day of rest, would be very important, and that he plans to decide the future schedule after watching this training.