“Thank you very much for your constant donations as well as birthday presents.”

On the 16th, a practice game between the men’s national basketball team and Daegu Korea Gas Corporation was held at the Daegu Gymnasium. Around 1 hour and 30 minutes before the start of the game, some fans were waiting for the practice game, though less than on the 15th.

At the entrance of the Daegu Gymnasium, there was a coffee truck with the phrase ‘Happy birthday to the national ace, Heo Hoon’. It was a coffee truck prepared by Heo Hoon’s fan club to celebrate Heo Hoon’s birthday. About 120 cups of coffee and drinks were provided for the national team and KOGAS players.

Heo Hoon, ahead of the practice match, said, “Every year, I take care of it on my birthday, and I am so grateful that I have come a long way to Daegu. Thank you very much for not only giving me birthday presents but also making donations.” Last year, I was at the training center (laughs)”.

The national team was convened on the 13th to prepare for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. As the 2024 Paris Olympics Asian pre-qualification qualifiers were held in Syria, a travel-banned country, the national team was unable to attend, making it difficult to schedule practice matches. This is because most professional teams have set practice schedules in advance.

Gas Corporation also postponed the scheduled practice game schedule with Sangmyung University and started practice games with the national team on the 15th and 16th. Daegu fans had the opportunity to watch the national team players practice at the Daegu Gymnasium.

The national team lost 66-82 to KOGAS in the practice game on the 15th. As soon as I moved from Jincheon to Daegu, I played the game, so my condition was inevitably poor.토토사이트

On the 15th, Heo Hoon, who came out earlier and warmed up with Song Gyo-chang and Moon Seong-gon, said, “You shouldn’t play such a game as a player, regardless of whether you played well or not.” Arrived in (Daegu). It was the first time he had ever played a game right after lunch. It was such an absurd schedule. Yesterday (15th), even if the fans came, if you get hurt, it’s your own loss, so I tried to avoid getting hurt,” he explained why the game was not good.

On the 15th, Heo Hoon, who could be seen as being pushed back in the matchup with Sam Joseph Belrangel, was also Heo Hoon.

Heo Hoon led the scoring with a 3-point shot and jumper from the start, and the national team took a huge lead, 8-24, at one point in the first quarter. At the beginning of the third quarter, when Heo Hoon exploded scoring again centered on a 3-point shot, the gap widened to 66-40, 26 points. It was as if the game had been decided.

Heo Hoon, who received a coffee truck birthday present from fans, made up for the regrettable game on the 15th.