The American Major League Baseball (MLB) New York Mets are on a six-game losing streak. The Mets, who faced the Baltimore Orioles, the first team in the American League (AL), gave up all three games in a row and increased their losing streak to six.

The Mets, who suffered a shock sweep loss to the Kansas City Royals, the lowest-ranked team in the AL Central, struggled in the away series against Baltimore.

As a result, the Mets, fourth in the National League (NL) East Division, narrowed the gap to the Washington Nationals, the lowest in the district, by 1.5 games with 50 wins and 61 losses. In this atmosphere, falling to the bottom of the earth seems only a matter of time.

■ McCann, who received 24.7 billion from the Mets, defeated the Mets ‘No. 1 contributor’ What is

noteworthy is that Baltimore’s backup catcher James McCann (33) played a significant role in the Mets’ defeat by playing in two games in three consecutive matches. McCann went 4-for-6 with 5 RBI. In particular, he drove 3 hits and 5 RBIs in 3 at-bats in Game 1 of the series, which was the first time since August 12, 2017 that McCann had 5 RBIs in one game.안전놀이터

McCann’s references are there for a reason. That’s because the Mets pay most of McCann’s salary. McCann’s annual salary this year is $12 million (KRW 15.6 billion), of which $11 million (KRW 14.3 billion) is received from the Mets. The money Baltimore pays is only $ 1 million (KRW 1.3 billion).

It will be similar next year. Of McCann’s annual salary of $12 million next year, $8 million (KRW 10.4 billion) will be borne by the Mets and $4 million (KRW 5.2 billion) by Baltimore.

The reason the Mets pay most of Baltimore’s McCann’s salary is because of the terms of the trade. At the end of last year, the Mets agreed to a trade in which the Mets would pay $19 million and Baltimore would take the rest by sending McCann to Baltimore, who had a two-year, $24 million contract left.

The Mets spent more than $500 million on player reinforcements last offseason, making a move to cut off high-paying players who have lost their skills in the existing team, even at the cost of it. McCann was one of them, and he made this deal to save at least $5 million rather than just release McCann.

McCann isn’t impressive with a batting average of .218, 15 RBIs, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of .632 in 45 games since moving to Baltimore, but he is faithfully performing the role of backup catcher. As for the Mets, I have no choice but to feel sorry for McCann, who has awakened after meeting the Mets, who are his parents’ team and even give him money.

■ The same can happen to Verlander and Scherzer

Unfortunately, the Mets may find themselves in this situation again.

This is because during the last trade deadline, veteran one-two punchers Justin Verlander (40) and Max Scherzer (39) were traded to the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers, respectively.

Of course, there was no team to just accept the two players who received the highest salary in the league at $43.33 million each.

The Mets received prospects by passing them over on the condition that they pay a significant portion of their annual salary, and only the amount paid by the Mets reached up to $52.5 million (KRW 68.5 billion) in Verlander and $35 million (KRW 45.6 billion) in Scherzer, respectively. Astronomers have to pay up to $87.5 million (114.1 billion won), but rather than just having the two players remain on the team, sending them out like this is a way to reduce the payroll (total player salaries) even a little and receive prospects for the future. I saw it as ‘killing two birds with one stone’.

It is a realistically understandable move to make such a trade. That’s why I’ve mentioned in this column before that the Mets can clean them up and run them again in a few years.

The Mets can even sell players, but… SD’s long-term contract without an answer [Hanjun Kim’s fun baseball]

Still, Mets fans can witness Verlander and Scherzer, who receive more money from the Mets, become the number one contributors to destroying the Mets this year and into the year to come. It’s something you have to endure.

■ Is it possible for the team with the 1st place in payroll to be nominated as the 1st overall pick in the draft?

The New York Mets have been the dominant payroll team this season with $344 million (KRW 449.8 billion). It was also why the decision to turn into a seller and sell Verlander and Scherzer during the trade deadline was a surprise.

By the way, the Mets are likely to write ‘new history’ whether they are lucky or bad. This is because as the performance declines, it may become the subject of a lottery pick (probability lottery) for the overall 1st to 6th picks in next year’s rookie draft.

Starting this year, MLB is conducting odds lottery for teams that have not advanced to the postseason. The three teams with the lowest win rate in the regular season get the overall first pick with a probability of 16.5%, the next three teams have a probability of 13.2%, 10%, Each is given a 7.5% chance. It is important to win the 1st to 6th overall nominations because the rankings go in reverse order after the 7th overall. That’s why it’s important to get into the bottom 6 with a high probability.

Currently, there are seven teams left behind the Mets, but given the Mets’ current decline, the Mets have a chance to finish in the bottom six, as well as the top three. Currently, the 28th place in the league is the Colorado Rockies (44-67), six games behind the Mets.

With a payroll that easily exceeds the luxury tax standard ($233 million), the Mets were originally scheduled to be sanctioned for exceeding the luxury tax, which puts the first-round pick behind 10 rounds. However, if the 1st to 6th places are won, this pick will be retained and the next pick will be pushed back 10 steps. So, it means that there is a way to ‘legally’ avoid the sanctions according to the luxury tax and transfuse top prospects.

Maybe this draft might be the only way to comfort the Mets, who spend money for money and don’t get results. It is unknown whether the Mets will continue to fall or rebound, but for the future, it may be better for the performance to fall further. This is why the Mets’ final performance this season is curious.