The Toronto Blue Jays suffered two losses to the Minnesota Twins in the American League (AL) Wild Card Series (WCS) and exited the fall stage early.

Accordingly, Ryu Hyun-jin, who was waiting for the Division Series (DS) after being excluded from the WCS roster, also officially ended the 2023 season. Ryu Hyun-jin is now in a ‘free status’ for the third time in his major league career. They will search for a new contract in the free agent market that opens after the World Series ends.

Ryu Hyun-jin is expected to begin contemplating his future career as he prioritizes remaining in the major leagues.

Canadian media Sportsnet reporter Ben Nicholson-Smith predicted the future of Toronto’s major free agents on social media that day and said, “Ryu Hyun-jin expressed his desire to sign with a major league team.” This is the first time that Ryu Hyun-jin has expressed his intention to remain in the Major League through local media. However, reporter Nicholson-Smith did not provide any additional explanation.

The first thing to mention is the possibility of remaining in Toronto. When Ryu Hyun-jin returned in the second half of the season after undergoing elbow surgery, the Toronto team was skeptical about his chances of making a comeback. However, when he showed a pitch that exceeded expectations, he was evaluated as positive. He pitched in 11 games, going 3-3, with an ERA of 3.46, 14 walks, 38 strikeouts in 52 innings, 1.18 WHIP, and 0.249 hitting percentage. Although he struggled in the final two games of the season, his overall performance was close to successful.

Even in terms of restraint, which is a criterion for recovering one’s position, it is not bad. The maximum fastball velocity was 91.1 mph and the average was 88.6 mph. The average speed was 89.3 miles in the first half of 2022 right before the surgery, 89.8 miles in 2020, the first season after moving to Toronto, and 90.7 miles in 2019, his peak season, but his control, ball combination, and game management were at a level that was largely impeccable. got it back Velocity is likely to increase further next season.

Although coach John Schneider (left) trusted Ryu Hyun-jin, he used to make cool-headed judgments at critical moments. AP Yonhap News
Toronto coach John Schneider said in an interview with Sportsnet last month, “We were hoping Ryu Hyun-jin would come back sometime this season. But he could have been better, and he is perfectly reproducing his old form,” adding, “The fact that he is throwing very well tells us. “It’s a kind of bonus,” he said.

However, it is unlikely that Toronto will renew Ryu Hyun-jin’s contract. Toronto fan media J’s Journal said on the 25th of last month, ‘If incentives are given for a one-year contract, there is a small possibility that he will remain in Toronto,’ but ‘However, Ryu Hyun-jin will want a stable job as he approaches retirement, so he will ultimately request a multi-year contract.’ explained.

Ryu Hyun-jin was on the IL four times during the four years he signed with Toronto for $80 million, and due to frequent injuries, the percentage of days he was registered as an entry was only 52.0%. Considering that this is coming right after elbow surgery and his injury history, there is no way Toronto will honor his contract for more than two years.

There is no need for Ryu Hyun-jin to have regrets about Toronto, which has earned his trust. He has nothing to regret. In any case, he did not complete the second half of the two months with his appearance in this postseason in mind.

In that case, there is no choice but to transfer to another club. The key question is whether there is a club that can offer Ryu Hyun-jin a contract of more than two years. At least if it is a ‘1+1 year’ contract that includes a player option or a club option, it appears that Ryu Hyun-jin will leave the door open for negotiations.토토사이트

Early last month, when Ryu Hyun-jin continued his stable pitching after returning, said, ‘It is difficult for Ryu Hyun-jin to sign a four-year, $80 million contract like last time. However, he predicted that if he continues his steady pace, he will be able to sign a fairly generous multi-year contract.

Another media outlet, Bleacher Report, predicted, ‘If Ryu Hyun-jin finishes this season with a strong performance, he will be able to easily sign a one-year contract worth $12 million with incentives based on the number of starting pitches and an option for the second year.’ He said this is objectively the most likely scenario.

The teams that local media have selected as potential candidates for Ryu Hyun-jin include the New York Mets, LA Angels, San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants, LA Dodgers, and Boston Red Sox. These are all teams with postseason potential and in need of a veteran starter like Ryu Hyun-jin.

Among these, it is worth paying attention to the Dodgers, who won the district championship this year even with a collapsed starting lineup. The only pitchers confirmed to be starting for the Dodgers next year are Walker Buehler, who completed rehabilitation from Tommy John surgery, and rookie fireballer Bobby Miller. Clayton Kershaw is likely still contemplating his retirement, remaining in the Dodgers, or transferring. Dustin May and Tony Gonsolin underwent Tommy John surgery last July and September, respectively, and will not be able to return until the second half of next year.

It would not be surprising if the Dodgers were considering Ryu Hyun-jin, whom they know better than any other pitcher, as a free agent recruitment resource. Of course, it is not a priority. Free agent selections that the Dodgers will look at are first- and second-tier players such as Blake Snell, Aaron Nola, Lucas Giolito, Jordan Montgomery, Sonny Gray, and Japanese ace Yoshinobu Yamamoto.

In addition, the fact that Shohei Ohtani will not be able to pitch as a pitcher next year is also an important variable related to Ryu Hyun-jin’s move to the Dodgers.