Ronald Acuna Jr. (26, Atlanta Braves) left only one home run to achieve 30 home runs and 60 stolen bases for the first time in the Major League (MLB).

Acuña Junior started as a right fielder with the first batter in the 2023 MLB game against the Colorado Rockies held at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, USA on the 29th (Korean time), 4 hits in 5 at-bats (1 home run), 1 walk, 5 RBIs, 4 runs scored, 2 steals. fluttered with

Acuna Jr., who recorded 28 home runs and 59 stolen bases before the game, joined the 20 home run-60 steal club by adding two stolen bases that day.

In MLB history, there are only four players, including Acuna Jr., who simultaneously achieved 20 or more home runs and 60 or more stolen bases in one season.

Ricky Henderson did it three times (1985, 1986, 1990), Joe Morgan (1973, 1976) twice, and Eric Davis did it in 1986.

The most recent record of 20 homers and 60 stolen bases was Henderson in 1990, which Acuna Jr. set a record for the first time in 33 years.

Acuña Jr., who hit his 29th home run of the season on this day, will achieve 30 home runs and 60 stolen bases for the first time in history by adding just one home run.

No player in MLB history has had 30 or more home runs and 60 or more stolen bases at the same time.

Acuña Jr., who stepped on the big league stage in Atlanta in 2018, stood out with a batting average of 0.293, 26 homers, 64 RBIs, 16 steals and 78 runs in his first year of debut.

Since then, he has recorded double-digit home runs and stolen bases every year except for 2020, when the team played a shortened season of 60 games.

Acuña Jr. has been very active this season with a batting average of 0.335, 29 homers, 79 RBIs, 61 stolen bases, and 119 points, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.990, and is mentioned as a strong candidate for the National League MVP.토토사이트

On this day, Acuña Jr. grounded to third base at the beginning of the first inning, but walked to first base safely in the top of the third inning, and fired a two-run home run in the rain at the top of the fifth inning, where the score was 2-2.

In the top of the 7th inning, he became the lead batter and hit a heavy hit, then stole second base and occupied the 60th stolen base high for the season. In the top of the 8th inning, he had a right-handed hit in a situation where there was no runner on the first runner, and he succeeded in stealing second base again.

Acuña Jr. hit a sweeping double in the top of the 8th inning with one out and bases loaded.

Meanwhile, Atlanta won 14-4 thanks to Acuna Jr.’s performance.