Neymar refuted reports that he had called for manager Jorge Jesus’ resignation, calling it a ‘lie’. 

On the 26th (Korean time), many media outlets, including Spain’s Sport, reported, “Neymar, who had a fight with coach Jesus, demanded the coach be sacked.” The Instagram account ‘fiqueiputomesmo’, which has 260,000 followers, also reported this news. 

It is reported that the conflict between the two occurred after Al Hilal drew 1-1 with Navbajornamangan in the first leg of the 2023-2024 Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL) group stage held on the 19th. At the time, Neymar showed a bad attitude by arguing inside the stadium and pushing an opposing player. When Coach Jesus pointed this out, Neymar expressed his dissatisfaction. 

However, Neymar immediately refuted the report. Neymar said on Instagram, “It’s a lie. You need to stop believing these things. Pages like this with millions of followers can’t keep posting fake news. Please stop doing this. It’s very rude.”메이저사이트

Neymar entered the Saudi Arabian stage this summer, leaving Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and transferring to Al Hilal. He also participated in the pre-season Asian tour with PSG, but was continuously excluded from the roster after the start of the season, and eventually parted ways. He quickly became closer to the newly joined Lee Kang-in, garnering the attention of Korean fans, but he left without being able to work properly on one team.

Neymar was not included in the team until the last 5 rounds, but improved his fitness through two consecutive international matches in Brazil. At Al Hilal, he made his debut against Alyad on the 16th and immediately recorded his first assist.