He finally reached the ’30 stolen bases’ mark, a unique and first record for a Korean major leaguer. It is a record that even Choo Shin-soo of ‘Runaway Locomotive’ and ‘Choo Choo Train’ could not achieve.

Ichiro Suzuki remains a legend in baseball history beyond Japan. His record for most consecutive games on base is fifteen.

Kim Ha-seong of the San Diego Padres this season is perfectly playing the role of table setter, setting the team’s ‘score table’ by setting a record with him.

In the sport of baseball, Kim Ha-seong plays an important role in the team simply by being a ‘multi-position’ resource that can cover not only the shortstop position, which has a heavy defensive burden, but also second base and third base, but he appears not to be satisfied with this this season. no see.

In 2021, the first year of his major league debut, Ha-seong Kim rarely showed the exciting swing he showed in the KBO League and was rather evaluated as a ‘batter who cannot hit a fast ball’.

Moreover, because the Padres team had many outstanding infielders such as Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr., Kim Ha-seong’s somewhat sluggish batting average, which barely exceeded .200, was highlighted as a relative weakness.

However, starting last season, he began to gradually adapt to the ‘fast ball’ of the Major League, and this season he is showing a complete ‘transformation’.

As evidenced by the previously mentioned ‘multiple on-base’ record, he is not only contributing significantly to the team’s score production with his outstanding pitching skills, but he also has slugging power by hitting 17 home runs this season, following his first double-digit home run last year.

Hotajun people. As the name suggests, it is a symbol of ‘good hitting and quick feet’, with 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases.

There are only three home runs left, and the number of stolen bases has already exceeded that number.

His number of stolen bases in 117 games in his first season was only 6, and last year alone, he only stole 12 bases in 150 games.

However, this season, as of the 4th, after playing 133 games, he has already recorded 31 stolen bases, becoming the first Korean major leaguer to reach 30 stolen bases.

From the perspective of pitchers facing Ha-seong Kim, it is annoying enough to produce hits and walks based on good pitching ideas, but it is even more difficult because he is quick on his feet and often steals bases.메이저사이트

Since there has been a rapid growth in offensive indicators, one would think that the defense, which has to cover multiple positions, would slow down a bit, but the opposite is true. He plays a decent defense to the point where he is evaluated as ‘Kim Ha-sung’s defense special in every game’ and
is consistently ranked in the top 10 in defense-based win contribution (dWAR) based on all major league teams.

Kim Ha-seong is the player who is always mentioned in the ‘Golden Glove’ second baseman category, which determines the best player for each position based on defense. Kim Ha-seong this season, who showed even growth in all areas including ball, defense, and main, is closer to ‘evolution’ than ‘growth’.

His nickname ‘Awesome Kim’ was given to him by English-speaking fans because of his similar pronunciation to ‘Hasung Kim’. Ha Seong Kim, a ‘major league freshman’ who was weak against fast balls and passive when running the bases, has finally evolved into the fast-footed Awesome Kim with an outstanding pitching vision and ‘an unexpected shot.’

Kim Ha-seong, a Korean major leaguer with unpredictable growth, is now on a ‘running run’ and wants to achieve bigger goals and even bigger records.