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A wonder goal from the lanky striker who was once England’s most expensive ever signing kicks off top-flight action.

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Andy Carroll was once Liverpool’s signature striker.

He played in the English third division and now plays for Amiens in the French second division.

His signature left foot is still there.토스카지노

Exquisite finishing without missing the goalkeeper!

The ball that the opposing defense clumsily cleared away.

Looks like he still has some of his old class left, doesn’t he?


This time, it’s an incredible midfielder from the first team.

Mets’ Kamara doesn’t hesitate to take a mid-range shot as soon as he gets the ball!

It looks to be over 50 meters.

A league debut goal at the age of 19!

I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.


This time, it’s Aston Villa’s wasted effort.

First, Watkins’ half-hearted dribble, followed by a powerful left-footed shot!

It completely broke down the opposition defense.

Then, just before the break, Bailey once again used his legs to beat the defense and score the winner.

Aston Villa move up to fifth in the league.

Top play so far.