“In my mind, there is no doubt about returning to the mound.”

Mike Trout, the owner of the largest 12-year, $426.5 million (approximately 564.8 billion won) contract in major league history, did not doubt Shohei Ohtani (above, Los Angeles Angels)’s ‘comeback of two swords’. Trout told FOX Sports on the 28th (Korean time) as above.

Also, Trout said, “There is a team called the Los Angeles Angels that has to be with Ohtani. He still has to get paid. Even if he doesn’t pitch again, he’s still the player everyone wants. He believes he will come back from injury. Ohtani always wants to double-tap.”

Ohtani’s elbow ulnar collateral ligament injury is the biggest issue hitting the major leagues recently. Ohtani has been playing only as a hitter since recently declaring a pitcher season out. American media analyzes that he will have to undergo Tommy John surgery to return to pitching. However, the Los Angeles Angels have yet to officially announce whether or not they will undergo surgery.

In the midst of this, general manager Perry Minassian’s remarks about shifting responsibility even came out. Skipping the rotation at the beginning of this month due to finger cramps and fatigue was definitely an abnormal sign. However, the Angels claim they were denied an MRI scan earlier in the season and earlier this month by Ohtani and Ohtani’s agent. A response from Ohtani and Ohtani’s agent has not been released.메이저사이트

In any case, it is clear that Ohtani will not give up dual wielding easily. There are also concerns about undergoing a second Tommy John surgery following 2018. What is clear is that once you get on the operating table, you won’t be able to do dual swords in the 2024 season. And in the upcoming FA market, a decline in value is inevitable. The talk of 600 to 700 million dollars has gone into the story, and the story that even 500 million dollars is difficult comes out.

In this situation, Trout made a statement in support of Ohtani and gave him strength. However, regardless of Ohtani’s comments, Trautani’s time is running out. Some analyze that Ohtani’s chances of staying with the Angels have increased as his ransom has fallen. However, the general theory is that Ohtani’s chances of staying with the ‘unwinnable’ Angels are getting lower and lower.

Moreover, Minassian’s remarks on the 27th are sufficient to be interpreted as the club’s evasion of responsibility or transfer of responsibility, regardless of the facts. What did Ohtani think when he heard Captain Minassian’s remarks? Wouldn’t he have lost more affection for the club’s front desk? Trout and Ohtani are expected to remain the best ‘unfortunate duo’ in major league history. breakup is imminent