Franchise star Jose Ramirez (31) representing the Cleveland Guardians was ejected for the first time since his major league debut. He played 1243 games for 11 years and was a model player who never got sent off, but he was so angry that he even used his fists. 

Ramirez started as a 3rd hitter and 3rd baseman in the 2023 major league home game against the Chicago White Sox held at Progress Field in Cleveland, Ohio, USA on the 6th (hereinafter Korean time), and was at the center of the 6th inning bench clearing and brawl, making his first exit from his debut. I got an order. 

In the sixth inning, with Cleveland trailing 0-5, with one out and second base, Ramirez hit an RBI double from left. He slid head-first to second base, and got between the crotch of White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson, who came in for base cover. At this time, an argument broke out between the two players, and Ramirez stood up and pointed at Anderson. 

Anderson shoved Ramirez, threw off his glove, and got into a boxing stance. Not to be outdone by this, Ramirez also raised his guard and it spread to fist fights. Anderson landed a punch first, but Ramirez’s right hook struck him in the left jaw and staggered to the ground. In the meantime, players from both teams rushed out and engaged in a group fight. 

I wondered if the situation would be sorted out as my colleagues stopped the two players, but as the coaches of both teams got into an argument, it escalated into a group brawl. In addition to Ramirez and Anderson, who exchanged fists, Cleveland manager Terry Francona and White Sox manager Pedro Grifol were also ejected. The game was stopped for 14 minutes as a total of six people, including Cleveland pitcher Emmanuel Classe and third base coach Mike Sabo, were ejected. The game was won by the White Sox, 7-4. 

According to local media including ‘’, the emotions accumulated between the two teams all season exploded. In particular, it was decisive that Anderson shouted and provoked Cleveland rookie first baseman Gabriel Arias in the game the previous day (5th). Cleveland manager Francona pointed out that “Anderson said things he shouldn’t have said.” 

Cleveland’s central player, Ramirez, was also keen on Anderson. Ramirez took issue with a “dirty play” that knocked a runner off the base as soon as Anderson tagged from second base. He said, “Anderson disrespects baseball. It was like that before. During the game, I said to him, ‘Don’t do this. We all play baseball to feed our families, so I said, ‘Don’t tag me like this.’ 안전놀이터

Regarding the fistfight situation, Ramirez said, “It was Anderson’s reaction to wanting to fight. If he wanted to fight, I had to defend myself.” Anderson did not meet with the press after the game, so it was not possible to hear the story from his point of view right away. said, ‘Ramirez has never been ejected. You can see how angry he is.” For Ramirez, who debuted in 2013, it was his first exit in 1244 games. He said, “Even if there is dissatisfaction with the referee, I try to dissipate the dissatisfaction alone in the dugout. I don’t want to ignore baseball. I just want to play baseball,” he said.