Kim Eun-ji 6th defeated her opponent, Nakamura Sumire 3rd, in the Korea-Japan Prodigy Match. The stage was set in China. On Tuesday, Kim Eun-ji 6th dan, representing Shanghai Qingil, defeated Fujian’s Nakamura Sumire 3rd dan in round 12 of the 10th China Women’s Go League in Fuzhou.

It started well with a left-side exchange early in the middle game. From there, Kim Eun-ji 6 dan’s winning graph remained unwavering until the end. The middle game is where Kim’s strength lies.

After 3 hours and 45 minutes and 203 moves, Yoo Chang-hyuk 9th dan said, “It was a complete victory that can be called a skill difference.” It was his second victory in an official match after winning the first Uijeongbu International Newcomer Team Competition in March last year. Kim Eun-ji had also defeated Sumire 2-0 in an unofficial match at the third edition of the Korean-Japanese Genius Girls in January.

Sixteenth-ranked Kim Eun-ji and 14th-ranked Nakamura Sumire have grown up to become knights of the women’s game in their respective countries at a young age. Kim Eun-ji 6th became the first Korean female knight to win a mixed rookie event at the 1st Joa Pharmaceuticals Rookie Go Hero Championship last month. She is currently ranked second in the women’s rankings.체스카지노

Nakamura Sumire 3-dan became Japan’s youngest champion (13 years, 11 months, and 4 days) in February when she defeated titleholder Ueno Asami 4-dan 2-1 in the 26th Tokomobae Women’s Go Challenge 3.

Debut season in the Women’s Gakjo League for both knights. Kim Eun-ji 6th dan is on a roll with a 4-1 record (four straight wins after one loss). On the other hand, Nakamura Sumire is struggling with a 1-5 record.

Jiangsu’s Kim Chae-young 8th dan pulled off an upset win over Zhejiang’s Wang Yuebo 4th dan. Five hours and 55 minutes, 294 moves, and a half-game. This was the first meeting between two knights of the same age, with Kim ranked fourth and Wang Yibo eighth in their respective women’s rankings.

Kim’s season record is now 4-3. Kim and Wang will represent their country at the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September, where they will compete in the women’s team event.

In Round 12 in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Yunlin defeated Chengdu 3-0 and Jiangsu swept Zhejiang 3-0.

Three Korean knights have been called up to the 10th Women’s Gapjaw League as mercenaries, including Oh Yoo-jin, 9th dan (5 wins). They have faced off against foreign knights and have a combined record of 13-4 through 12 rounds, with a winning percentage of 76.5%.

The Women’s Gakjo League earns two points for every three-player team victory. Individual brackets will be played in order. The time limit is two hours, with five one-minute second reads. There will be no postseason, and the bottom two teams in the regular season standings (9th and 10th) will be relegated to the Women’s League.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Go Association announced that the 13th and 14th rounds, which will be held in Jilin province on August 28-29, will be played online against some knights, including Korean mercenaries. This is likely in response to the scheduling of the Samsung Go domestic qualifiers in the same period.