For the first time in his life, Kim Joo-hyung (21) will go to the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour FedEx Cup playoff final match and the Tour Championship, which can be called ‘King of Kings’.

Ahead of the opening on the 25th (Korean time), Kim Joo-hyung conducted a video interview with Korean reporters on the night of the 22nd. Here, he expressed his determination, saying, “I want to pour it all out.”

A total of three playoffs are held, and the Tour Championship is a tournament in which the top 30 of the FedEx Cup rankings remain and compete. The total prize money is 57,925,000 dollars (77.5 billion won), and the 30th place winner receives 500,000 dollars (660 million won). The Tour Championship will be held for four days from the 25th at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Kim Joo-hyung failed to participate in the Tour Championship last year. He entered the Tour Championship this year with the highest ranking among Korean players, ranking 16th in the FedEx Cup rankings. The tournament starts with a handicap according to the FedEx Cup rankings, and Kim Joo-hyung receives 2 under par and starts the tournament with an 8-stroke difference from leader Scotty Scheffler (10 under par).

In response, Kim Joo-hyung said, “I think there is always a chance as long as I can hit the ball without getting sick. He has an 8-stroke difference, but nothing is impossible.”

His 2022-23 season was spectacular. He won one season, finished runner-up in The Open, a major tournament, and entered the top 10 eight times. However, Kim Joo-hyung said, “I did win, but it was last October (Shreiners Children’s Open). I haven’t won a championship for a long time, so I can only give 20 points. Still, I want to give 50 to 60 points for my experience. Most of all, it is positive that I gained confidence by getting good results in major tournaments.”메이저사이트

He said that the most unforgettable moment this season was the Open (tied for second place) last month, a major tournament. He injured his ankle during the Open Tournament, but overcame the injury and finished runner-up, the highest ever in the history of a Korean Open Open.

Kim Joo-hyung, who did not have a PGA Tour card last year, steadily accumulated points and won his first championship, earning the right to participate this season. And he received a lot of attention as a surprise star, such as signing a large-scale contract with Nike Golf. Even in the 2022-23 season, which was under pressure, he made good grades. However, suffering an unexpected ankle injury with less than a month left in the playoffs came as a great mental burden and worry.

Kim Joo-hyung said, “Although I placed second in the Open, I was worried that I might not be able to make the playoffs due to an injury. He underwent tests and treatment, and luckily was pain free by the playoffs. He still gets sore from long walks, but it doesn’t interfere with play. Because of his injury, he couldn’t compete in the defending champion, the Wyndham Championship,” he explained.

Kim Joo-hyung said of this season that he played with a full seed on the PGA Tour, “I feel like I have become a completely different player from last year. He has a different mindset and a different way to solve the game. And more than his golf skills, his life has changed. He evaluated it maturely, saying, “I learned that my habits in my life, which have nothing to do with golf, have an effect on my game.”