On June 18, after the end of last season, English Premier League club Manchester United handed its ace Marcus Rashford a long-term contract worth £375,000 a week. That’s about $615 million in today’s dollars. United, who had been paying Rashford £200,000 a week until last season, offered a nearly 90% increase to hold onto the player, who was set to leave for Paris Saint-Germain.

Rashford’s stay at the club was made possible by United manager Eric ten Haag. Since his arrival in July of last year, Rashford has gone from strength to strength. Last season, Rashford totaled 30 goals and was the team’s ace.

This season, however, has been a complete disaster. In 14 games, he’s scored just one goal. Rashford was recently caught drinking at a nightclub after a 0-3 loss to local rivals Manchester City.

United suffered a humiliating 0-3 defeat to Manchester City in the 10th round of the 2023-24 Premier League at Old Trafford in Manchester on the morning of March 30. They were humiliated in front of their home fans on their home turf. In the aftermath, Rashford “attended a nightclub party that lasted past midnight,” British media reported on two separate occasions.

According to The Sun and The Mirror, the game took place on Sunday local time, and Rashford partied at a nightclub until the early hours of Monday.

‘Despite losing to rivals Manchester City, Rashford stayed out until Monday morning at the famous nightclub China White,’ the media reported.

The media’s focus on Rashford’s personal life is a reflection of the state of United and Rashford’s form this season. After scoring 30 goals last season, Rashford has only scored one goal in 13 games this season. He’s in a complete slump. And the team is sinking with him. They’re mid-table in the Premier League season with five wins and five losses, and they’ve lost one and drawn two of their three Champions League games. Manager Eric ten Hagg is said to be fired sooner or later. The team is sinking, and instead of dealing with it, he’s been drinking in nightclubs.

So, the media already had a problem with Jadon Sancho, and now the team’s ace, Rashford, who hasn’t been playing well at all this season, has spent the night in a bar. Presumably, Eric ten Hagg was not pleased.

After finishing third in the Premier League last season, the Red Devils spent this summer’s transfer window looking for a better season.

Of course, Van Gaal’s affection for Rashford hasn’t changed. “We all know Rashford’s qualities,” he said. But if the team is doing the right things, putting him in the right positions, seeing him come to the right places, and he’s struggling, he’ll overcome that too. The team supports him.” 아톰카지노

Ten Haag continued, “The team supports him and believes in him. If he has the confidence of the team behind him, things will change and I’m sure he will pass. When the strikers are not scoring, they need one goal and they have to pass it on,” he said, adding, “It will happen. He’s experienced, he knows that when he and the team are doing the right things, they’ll bounce back and he’ll be on fire,” he said, expressing his unwavering faith.