Park Do-young, who learned golf in South Africa, took the lead in the KLPGA Tour High1 Resort Women’s Open.

On the second day of the tournament held at High1 Resort Country Club (par 72) in Jeongseon, Gangwon-do on the 18th, Park Do-young hit 3-under-par 69 two days in a row with 4 birdies and 1 bogey. Park Do-young, who recorded an interim total of 6 under par 138 strokes, was tied for the lead with Jeon Ye-seong.

Park Do-young caught two consecutive birdies on the 2nd and 3rd holes and the 14th and 15th holes to lead by 3 strokes, but she allowed a tie for the lead with a bogey on the last 18th hole. Jeon Ye-seong, who was tied for the lead, caught only 4 birdies until the 17th hole, and could not finish the 18th hole due to sunset. Yesung Jeon has come to expect her second career victory in about two years since winning the Evercollagen Queen’s Crown in 2021.메이저사이트

Park Do-young won the KLPGA Tour professional qualification in 2017 after winning 4 wins on the Sunshine Ladies Tour in South Africa. Park Do-young, who competed on the tour with Ashley Buhai (South Africa), who won the AIG Women’s Open last year, was sluggish on the KLPGA tour. She has yet to win and missed the cut nine times in 17 competitions this year as well.

However, Park Do-young changed after meeting professional Ahn Joo-hwan, a former national team player. In this tournament, he recorded 60 at-bats two days in a row and even surpassed the championship. Park Do-young said, “After meeting Pro Ahn Joo-hwan this year, I gained confidence in terms of shots and learned a lot mentally. He blamed himself a lot when golf was not going well and it was difficult to catch his mentality, but he is learning a lot about how to control his mind.”

Lee Je-young ranked 3rd with an interim total of 5 under par through the 17th hole, and Lee Ga-young, who recorded an eagle shot from the 3rd hole, tied with Ryu So-yeon, Park Gyeol, Kim Min-seon 7, Lee So-mi, Ji Han-sol, and Jung Yoon-ji in a solid 4th place with an interim total of 4 under par and 140 strokes. achieved