Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) really plans to digest the season by sending Kylian Mbappe to the second group.

PSG will play the opening game of the French Ligue 1 in the 2023-24 season against Lorient at the Parc des Princes in Paris, France on the 13th (hereinafter Korean time).

Even ahead of the season opening, PSG is suffering from the problem of Mbafe’s move. The beginning of the incident dates back to mid-June last year. Mbappe and PSG signed a new contract before the start of the 2022-23 season. At the time, the contract period seemed to be three years. When Mbappe and PSG president Nasser El Khelaifi announced the renewal, they appeared with 2025 engraved on the PSG uniform, which means a renewal until 2025.

However, the contract signed by PSG and Mbafe was a 2+1 year contract. Surprisingly, Mbappe had the authority to invoke the 1-year extension clause. Mbappe and PSG have been discussing whether or not to extend the contract from the 2022-23 season.

The conversation was going on in a good atmosphere, but suddenly Mbappe notified in a letter that he would not trigger the contract extension clause. At the time, the British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ said, “Mbappe said he would not renew his contract with PSG. The deadline for Mbappe to notify whether or not to renew the contract is until July 31. However, after several months of discussion, he sent a letter rejecting the extension. Mbappe can leave next summer without a transfer fee.”

PSG felt a strong sense of betrayal by Mbappe with extreme anger. PSG felt that Mbappe and Real Madrid had negotiated ahead of time to join them on a free transfer. As a result, he set up a position to sell Mbappe. Before the final decision came out, PSG gave Mbafe two options: re-contract or transfer.

Mbappe’s position was inaction. Mbappe did not stand out even after returning from his leave of absence in the preseason. Eventually, PSG decided that Mbappe had no intention of extending the contract and boycotted the pre-season tour. PSG left for Japan for an Asian tour without Mbappe. Mbappe remained in France to train.

PSG immediately took a posture to openly sell Mbappe. Then, what appeared was the Saudi Arabian capital that dominated the transfer market this summer. On July 24th, multiple media outlets, including Britain’s ‘The Athletic’, said, “PSG received an offer of 300 million euros (approximately 430.5 billion won) from Al Hilal for the signing of Mbafe. We have been given the authority to do so,” he said.

The transfer fee of 300 million euros is an amount that far exceeds the 222 million euros (approximately 318.5 billion won) that PSG paid for Neymar in the 2017-18 season. When PSG, satisfied with the offer, gave Al-Hilal the right to negotiate with Mbafe, Al-Hilal stepped out to persuade Mbafe himself.

Al-Hilal negotiators visited Paris in person to try to persuade Mbappe. Al-Hilal has put out two unconventional conditions to recruit Mbafe.

First is the salary. If Mbafe accepts Al-Hilal’s offer, Mbafe can receive 200 million euros (about 287 billion won) in annual salary alone. Al-Hilal plans to make Mbafe’s annual salary 700 million euros (about 1 trillion won) through commercial deals and portrait rights contracts.

The next unconventional condition was to play for just one year at Al-Hilal before transferring. Everyone knows that Mbappe wants to go to Real Madrid and will eventually join him, so Al-Hilal considered the conditions to secure a future for Mbappe.

Despite a treatment unprecedented in football history, Mbappe refused to even negotiate with Al-Hilal. As Mbappe refuses to transfer, PSG’s insides are burning.

Still, PSG had no intention of changing their stance. We have already worked on the transfer market under the premise that Mbappe will go out. Ousmane Dembele and Gonzalo Hamus are on the verge of signing and are trying to get Randall Colo Mouani from Frankfurt.

PSG gave Mbappe one last chance. After signing a one-year renewal contract, he was allowed to transfer at the end of the 2023-24 season if the mutually agreed terms were met. It was the last hope of PSG, who did not want to sell Mbappe for free.

France’s ‘RMC Sports’ explained on the 30th of last month, “PSG leaders proposed a renewal contract. According to the club, it was an offer with a sale clause next summer, but Mbappe rejected it and did not respond.” When Mbappe refused even this, the PSG leadership sent Mbappe to the second group.

The British ‘Telegraph’ said on the 6th, “Mbappe will continue to be excluded from the PSG squad in the future because he refused to renew a new contract with a club with a ‘guaranteed sale clause’ that allows him to leave next summer. PSG first team pre-season in Japan and Korea After the tour, he will return to training on Monday. Mbappe will remain in the ‘Loft Group’, not Group A. This decision was made through the PSG leadership last Sunday.”토토사이트

The loft group here refers to the people to be sold. The media expressed, “The ‘Loft Group’ consists of players for sale. Players not included in PSG’s plan.”

France’Le Pargien’ also predicted that Mbappe would not be able to play in the league opening match against Lorient soon. The media predicted the starting list for the match against Lorient on the 7th, but there was no name of Mbappe. The attacking line consisted of Marco Asensio, Hugo Equitique and Karler Soler.

In the midfield, Jair Emery, Manuel Ugarte and Vitinha or Fabian Ruiz were expected to start. Lee Kang-in returned from the last Jeonbuk Hyundai match, but it seems that he is not in physical condition to start. Lee Kang-in did not spend much time in Jeonbuk.

The defense is expected to consist of Ashraf Hakimi, Milan Sckriniar, Marquinhos and Luca Hernandez. The goalkeeper’s gloves are likely to be worn by Gianluigi Donnarumma.

PSG plans to mobilize even the crowd in the opening game against Lorient. It is to pressure Mbappe to walk out directly. Correspondent Mario Cortegana of Britain’s ‘The Athletic’ said, “Mbappe will not be called up for the first round of Ligue 1. PSG expects the Ultras (PSG supporters) to raise their voices on the pitch and put pressure on Mbappe. “he said.