“I will give 100 points to my curveball.” From a

four-seam fastball with a maximum speed of 144 km/h to a slow curve with a minimum speed of 105 km/h. Toronto Blue Jays’ ‘Korean Monster’ Ryu Hyun-jin (36)’s pitching was truly ‘free’. Ryu Hyun-jin showed off a good fight again this time and won his second win of the season.

Ryu Hyun-jin took the mound as a starting pitcher in the 2023 major league visiting game against the Cincinnati Reds held at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA on the 21st (Korean time), throwing 83 pitches in 5 innings, giving up 4 hits, 1 walk, 7 strikeouts and 2 runs. (Visa book) made a good fight. Toronto won the game 10-3, and Ryu Hyun-jin earned his second win of the season.

After returning from surgery and rehabilitation, Ryu Hyun-jin continues to cruise. Ryu Hyun-jin, who underwent left elbow ligament surgery in June of last year, focused on rehabilitation and recovery for about a year, and was finally able to make a comeback against the Baltimore Orioles on the 2nd. At that time, Ryu Hyun-jin, who had become a losing pitcher with 9 hits and 4 runs in 5 innings, fired a flare of revival by throwing a good pitch against the Cleveland Guardians on the 8th, not getting a hit and allowing 1 walk and no runs in 4 innings.

Of course, there was a variable that his right knee was hit by an attacking ball from opponent hitter Oscar Gonzalez, but fortunately, he only suffered a bruise and was able to pitch in the game against the Chicago Cubs on the 14th. Ryu Hyun-jin had a thrilling moment when he was named the winning pitcher 444 days after the Los Angeles Angels match on May 27 last year.

Following his first win on his comeback, Ryu Hyun-jin was thrilled with two consecutive victories this time. On this day, Ryu Hyun-jin, who had a 14 consecutive innings streak while fighting hard with no voluntarism, vomited his spirit by lowering his season ERA from 2.57 to 1.89. Although he threw 19 innings in 4 games and the sample is very small, it is very encouraging that he has an earned run average of 1 after returning from surgery.

Ryu Hyun-jin’s highest velocity came up to 89.6 miles (144 km), and the lowest velocity was added to a slow curve of 65.5 miles (105 km), tying up the Cincinnati lineup. On this day, Ryu Hyun-jin used four types of pitches in the right places: four-seam fastball (38), changeup (18), curve (16), and cutter (11). This is why Ryu Hyun-jin is cruising with an average ERA of 1.89 with 2 wins and 1 loss in 4 games after returning.

Ryu Hyun-jin “I will give my curve a perfect score of 100”

After the game, Ryu Hyun-jin said in an interview with local reporters, “I thought that Cincinnati hitters would come out aggressively, so I tried to take the ball count to my advantage, and being able to do so was the key point of today’s game.” Regarding the team’s support for 9 runs including 5 homers, he said, “Our team has hitters who can score enough runs,” and said that he had no doubts about the support of the other line.

Among Ryu Hyun-jin’s pitches, the most outstanding was the curve. When asked by a local reporter, “How many points out of 100 can I give today’s curve?” Ryu Hyun-jin also expressed satisfaction by saying, “I’ll give it a perfect score of 100.” The slow curve, with a minimum speed of 105 km/h, was very effective in attacking the relatively young and aggressive Cincinnati lineup.

Toronto’s head coach John Schneider also praised him, saying, “Ryu Hyun-jin made good use of the aggressive tendencies of Cincinnati hitters. He played a really good game.” The manager knew that the strategy Ryu Hyun-jin came up with worked 100%.

Brandon Belt, who hit a home run in consecutive hits on the day and shot Ryu Hyun-jin in support, said, “Ryu Hyun-jin is a pitcher who knows how to pitch.” “It doesn’t matter what Ryu Hyun-jin has. He knows how to throw and pitches quickly. It’s always fun to play with.”

Belt knows better than anyone what kind of pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin is because he often faced Ryu Hyun-jin, who played for the Los Angeles Dodgers during his San Francisco Giants days. Belt, who joined the Toronto lineup ahead of this season, took the lead in achieving two wins for Ryu Hyun-jin, marking the 12th and 13th home runs of the season with consecutive home runs.

“Ryu Hyun-jin is a smart pitcher” Local media also praised the baptism

The official Major League homepage (MLB.com), which delivered the news of Hyun-jin Ryu’s good fight on this day, said, “Hyun-jin Ryu is not a pitcher who throws hard like many pitchers, but he is powerful enough to say ‘Wow’. He is not a pitcher with a pitch, but he is a smart pitcher,” praising Ryu Hyun-jin’s clever pitching, saying, “Ryu Hyun-jin reads the opponent’s eagerness to swing better than anyone else, which makes young and aggressive hitters very dangerous.” gave a score

Even the local media in Cincinnati did not pass by Ryu Hyun-jin’s good fight. On this day, the ‘Cincinnati Inquirer’ said, “Ryu Hyun-jin struck out 7 batters in 5 innings and did not allow an earned run. He threw a curve under 70 mph that smeared the bats of Cincinnati batters with dirt. Cincinnati is a left-handed starting pitcher. Continuing the recent trend of inconsistent scoring against .”

The place that showed the hottest response was Toronto’s official SNS. On the same day, Toronto’s official Twitter was pleased with the news of Ryu Hyun-jin’s strong fight, praising Ryu Hyun-jin as a “Korean Monster” with the expression “Monster Masterclass”, and even leaving a message in Korean saying “Ryu Hyun-jin’s form is crazy”, showing deep affection.

How did Ryu Hyun-jin get 2 wins… He was not shaken even in the 2nd inning defensive hunting

Toronto: Witt Merrifield (2nd baseman) – Bo Bisset (shortstop) – Belt (designated hitter) – Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (1st baseman) – George Springer (right fielder) – Dalton Basho (left fielder) – Matt Chapman (3rd baseman) -Danny Jensen (catcher) -Kevin Kiermeyer (center fielder) and starting pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin formed the starting lineup. As Bisset, who had a knee injury, joined the game against Cincinnati on the 20th, Toronto’s lineup became solid.

Against this, Cincinnati has Stuart Fairchild (Right Field) – Matt McLane (Second Base) – Eli Dela Cruz (Shortstop) – Spencer Steer (Left Field) – Joey Votto (DH) – Christian Encarnacion – Strand (First Base) – Noel Bi Marte (third baseman), TJ Friedle (center fielder), and Luke Meili (catcher) formed the batting order from 1 to 9, and started pitcher Hunter Green. Green made his first appearance since a game against the Houston Astros on June 18 after recovering from a right hip injury.

In Toronto, after one out in the first inning, Bisset hit a mid-month triple, and Belt’s batted ball turned away from second baseman McLane’s glove, who attempted forward defense.

Ryu Hyun-jin met lead hitter Fairchild, guided the shortstop ground ball with a 70 mph (113 km) curve and caught the first out, and threw a 78 mph (126 km) change-up to McLane to record the first strikeout. He then threw an 87-mile (140 km) four-seam fastball to Dela Cruz to catch the third baseman grounding out and end the inning. It was a pleasant start with a tripartite crime.

After a run in the top of the second inning, Jensen opened up a scoring opportunity with a double from the left field, and Kiermeyer hit a superior two-run home run, recording his 6th home run of the season. Toronto had another chance to score as Merrifield hit a double in the direction of center field and went into third base with a wild throw from Green. It was Belt’s 12th home run of the season.

Ryu Hyun-jin had to allow two runs at the end of the second inning due to the unstable defense of the infield. Ryu Hyun-jin, who allowed lead batter Steer to go on base with an infield hit to third base, took a breather by striking out three pitches of Joey Votto with a 65.5 mile (105 km) curve, but Encarnacion-Strand hit a right-handed hit and 1 out 1, Third base was in danger.안전놀이터

Ryu Hyun-jin then caught a fly out of Marte to left field, but had to watch the scene where the two runners scored as third baseman Chapman, who cut off the throw of left fielder Basho, made a bad throw to second base. 2 runs in an instant. However, not all of these were recorded as earned runs. Then, first baseman Guerrero Jr., who caught Friedel’s ground ball, made a mistake by throwing a bad throw at Ryu Hyun-jin, who was entering the cover with first base. However, Ryu Hyun-jin treated Meili as a fly out to right field and finished the second inning without conceding any additional runs.

Ryu Hyun-jin walked McLane after one out in the 3rd inning, but after a full count match with Dela Cruz, he induced a swing with a 66-mile (106 km) curve in the 6th pitch, struck out, and steer was cooked with a pitcher grounder at the first pitch, inning has ended

Toronto then drew a ‘back-to-back arch’ with Bisset hitting a dominant solo home run in the top of the 4th inning, recording his 18th home run of the season, and Belt also hitting a left-handed solo home run. Belt even tasted the joy of recording consecutive home runs. Belt’s 13th home run of the season. Then, when Guerrero Jr. went on base with a walk, Springer struck a wedge with a two-run homer this time. It was Springer’s 15th home run of the season. Ryu Hyun-jin’s opponent, Green, eventually collapsed with 10 hits (5 homers), 3 walks, 4 strikeouts and 9 runs (8 earned runs) in 3 innings, becoming a losing pitcher.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who continued his momentum with a three-way exit at the end of the 4th inning, was hit by a right-handed hit by lead batter Friedel at the end of the 5th inning and allowed Meili to hit the shortstop infield, putting him in danger of getting 1st and 2nd base safely, but after a full count match, Hopkins was 89.5 miles (144 km). ) struck out with a four-seam fastball, caught McLane on a catcher foul flyout, and struck out Dela Cruz on three pitches with a 69-mile (111 km) curveball to declare the inning over without conceding. Ryu Hyun-jin’s pitching ended when Toronto put left-handed pitcher Genesis Cabrera on the mound at the end of the 6th inning with a 9-2 lead.

Toronto put left-handed pitcher Genesis Cabrera on the mound at the end of the 6th inning following Ryu Hyun-jin, who had a good fight with 4 hits, 1 walk, 7 strikeouts and 2 runs in 5 innings. handed over Although Francis hit a solo home run from Stevenson in the bottom of the 7th inning, he pitched well with 2 hits, 4 strikeouts and 1 run in 3 innings and earned his first save of the season.

In the other lineup, Belt flew 2 hits in 5 at-bats, 3 RBIs and 2 runs including 2 homers, Springer flew 2 hits in 4 at-bats, 2 RBIs and 1 run, Bisset went 2 hits in 5 at-bats, 1 RBI and 2 runs, and Jensen went 2 hits and 1 RBI in 5 at-bats. Each played an active part with 1 point. In Cincinnati, Steer left 2 hits and 1 run in 4 at-bats, and Steer was the only Cincinnati hitter to record a multi-hit that day. Cincinnati, which had only 4 hits against Ryu Hyun-jin, showed poor offensive power with 7 hits that day.

The game ended with Toronto winning 10-3. It was a natural victory for Toronto, which drove in 12 hits. The season record marked 69 wins and 56 losses, and the 70-win notice was in front of us. The Seattle Mariners, who are competing fiercely with Toronto in the American League wild card race, defeated Houston 7-6 that day, recording 69-55, ahead of Toronto by a narrow margin. Currently, Seattle is in third place in the American League Wild Card, barely keeping the margins of advancing to the postseason. Toronto is ranked fourth, 0.5 games behind. Cincinnati went 64-61.

On this day, Guerrero Jr. was substituted with Cavan Vizio during the game due to an injury to his left middle finger, but it was reported that the injury was not serious. Coach Schneider predicted that he would be able to play normally against Baltimore on the 23rd, saying, “It will be a one-day injury.” Toronto, which finished its expedition to Cincinnati, will take a day off on the 22nd and cross over to Baltimore from the 23rd to play three consecutive away matches with Baltimore. Then, starting on the 26th, he will return to Toronto home and start a three-game home game against Cleveland.